Why I love my morning commute- Daddy On The Naughty Step guest blog post

Now before I start my inaugural guest blog post I just want to make sure we are all on the same page with a couple of things:-

1. I love my daughters and my wife more than anything and time away is spent watching the clock to see how long before I am back with them.


2. I love chicken…..baked or fried I’m satisfied as long as I get my chick (if you aren’t familiar with the song that I’ve butchered to make that reference maybe we aren’t meant to be friends after all).
Feels good to to get those things out of the way, anyway on to the business at hand:

I bloody love my morning commute. Why, I hear you cry? Because it’s my own private sea of tranquility. Yep, you heard.

A lot of people I work with spend a fair portion of each working morning moaning about the commute they have endured. The M6 is a nightmare, the A41 is at a standstill the M5 has been replaced by a car park complete with bollards and parking wardens (maybe I made that last one up but you get the idea). To hear some people in the office speak, Moses had it easier leading the slaves out of Egypt than they did driving 14 miles to work in their air conditioned car.
However, while my face may be contorted into a picture of sympathy as I hear the same tale of woe for the third time this week, inside I am filled with a more primal emotion: Jealousy.
You see to me the morning commute- and to a lesser extent the evening one (if it isn’t tainted with the failures of the working day)- are MY TIME. During this time the radio station and control of it belongs to me and the running commentary that punctuates every other car journey is not required (“No, we are not nearly there yet” and “darling, please stop wiping bogies on the window”). The seats in the car remain crumb free throughout the whole journey! Did you hear that CRUMB FREE!!
My commute is my time off from the world. My daughters are at home safe and sound with MOTNS so there is nothing I’m needed for and I don’t belong to work yet for another hour or so. I’m like a non- nerdy, real world ‘Inbetweener’ and I’m going to enjoy my time alone to the max before the real world gets me again.

So, the next time you are moaning about traffic in the morning or the despair of your commute – spare a thought for people like me. My commute only took 20 minutes this morning – and I’m not very happy about it!! 😉


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